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President's Message

Sue BellWelcome to the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (VASSP).

VASSP represents and supports state secondary principals and assistant principals. Since 1956, VASSP has been committed to building the capacity of members. VASSP comprises the majority of the principal class in Victorian government secondary and P-12 schools. It has a strong regional structure, and provides services to members indicative of a proactive professional association.

A key function of VASSP is to lobby Government and relevant bodies to ensure that public schools are adequately resourced so that the educational and social needs of students can be properly addressed.

Sue Bell


VASSP is a professional association of Principal class officers whose prime concern is the welfare of government secondary schools and the principals who lead them. It is deliberately and consciously apolitical and deals with issues on their merit.

VASSP informs school leaders about current issues and provides advice to the Department of Education &
Training  (DET), Government ministers and other organisations.

The strength of VASSP is its capacity to provide each member with input into informed discussion of current issues. The VASSP President and/or field officers visit the 12 regional groups regularly to determine current concerns and the best means for addressing them. These groups provide an excellent opportunity for secondary school leaders to get together and to discuss issues. These groups form a strong base for local members.

VASSP organises professional development programs, including the Annual Leadership Conference. It also assists in conflict resolution between school leaders and school councils, staff or DET officers and provides advice on an individual basis for members about professional issues. VASSP employs its own staff, including field officers, who are experienced educational leaders and who provide reliable advice to members.

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Association membership is open to any person who holds a substantive Principal, Assistant Principal or Leading Teacher position in a government secondary school or who is acting in one of those roles, Liaison Principals and Senior Education Officers with principal class experience. Go to our Membership section for details.


The Association was formed by the amalgamation of the Victorian High Schools Principals Association and the Association of Principals of Victorian Technical Institutions (APVTI) in 1987. In 1993 the Association attained its current form when it merged with the Vice Principals’ organisation

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Mission Statement

The Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (VASSP) adds value to Principalship by supporting members to grow professionally as leaders, representing them in policy development & implementation and staunchly advocating for public education.


Since 1956 VASSP has been strongly committed to building capacity and supporting its principal class members across all state secondary schools. At the heart of the association is a strong sense of collaboration where all members share a mutual responsibility to ensure VASSP achieves its strategic intent.

Strategic Intent

  1. VASSP will effectively support members to grow professionally and personally at all stages of their school leadership by
    1. Providing professional and personal support, advice and information for members.
    2. Facilitating and encouraging the professional growth of members and their leadership teams.
    3. Providing opportunities for collegiality and sharing of professional practice.
    4. Recruiting and inducting new members.
  2. VASSP will effectively represent members in DET decision-making, policy development and implementation by:
    1. Consulting with and engaging members;
      1. Being accessible to all members.
      2. Ensuring the opportunity for involvement and commitment of members in policy development.
      3. Providing open communication between members and Committee/Executive.
    2. Influencing DET and Government policy development.
    3. Influencing DET and Government policy implementation.
  3. VASSP will be an effective advocate for public education and Principalship (principal, assistant principal and aspirants) by:
    1. Actively celebrating and promoting public education at state, national and international levels.
    2. Proudly and actively promoting Principalship and school leadership as a dynamic, proactive and inclusive professional association.
    3. Having a strong public voice in educational debate in Victoria.
    4. Proactively providing educational/leadership models, strategies and policies based on research and educational practice.
    5. Developing partnerships and alliances with community, state, national and international stakeholders.

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Organisational Structure

Members of the Association belong to regional groups. Each group has their own organisational structure, which is supported by a centrally located executive and a field service.

The Association conducts two general meetings each year, one in March and the other, the Annual General Meeting, in November.

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Executive and Committee

VASSP is governed by an Executive which consists of the president, deputy president, two vice presidents (one a principal and one an assistant principal) and three general representatives (elected from the Committee). The Executive meets on a monthly basis.

The larger, statewide Committee meets regularly and consists of all elected office bearers, six elected general representatives and representatives from the regional groups across the state. The Committee acts as an advisory group to the president and Executive.

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The main form of regular communication with members is the monthly eBulletin which typically contains a President's report as well as reports from the Executive Officer. In addition, the VASSP office is able to email each member when urgent communication is necessary.

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