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Association membership is open to any person who holds a substantive Principal, Assistant Principal or Leading Teacher position in a government secondary school or who is acting in one of those roles, Liaison Principals and Senior Education Officers with principal class experience.

VASSP represents the professional interests of over three quarters of Victoria's principal class officers in state secondary schools.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Association provides the following services and advantages:

  • logistical support for your welfare and well-being

  • advice and representation for you when branches or staff members lodge grievances against you or when you are required to attend Merit Protection Board hearings

  • information and advice on policy areas as diverse as resource management (staffing, facilities, Student Resource Package, ICT), workforce planning, career development, personal well being, educational leadership, managing the Agreement, dispute resolution and leading a quality learning environment

  • professional development programs

  • a hotline service through field officers to provide information, support and advice

  • regular meetings in your region which allow you to participate in a network which directly serves your professional interests

  • a means by which your rights and interests as a professional principal class officer can be collectively represented, advocated and supported

  • opportunities to participate in the association's decision-making processes at local, regional and statewide levels.

  • project services support can be customised to your needs

The Association works hard to lobby DET, the Government and statutory bodies such as VIT and VCAA to resource secondary schools appropriately, and to ensure that the educational needs of the students in our schools are properly addressed. VASSP works both with and on behalf of principal class officers to ensure that quality learning environments in secondary schools are everyone's primary objective. VASSP participates as a peak organisation in all of the consultation processes that this government and its bureaucracies supervise. VASSP provides a voice on behalf of Principal Class Officers at the highest levels.


General Membership

Open to all Principal Class members of the Victorian Teaching Service who hold substantive positions in secondary schools, are Senior Education Improvement Leaders (SEILs) or are displaced under certain conditions.
Fee: $645.00 per annum ($24.80 per fortnight).

Associate Membership

Open to members of the Victorian Teaching Service who hold acting positions in the Principal Class, subject to application and Committee approval.
Fee: $323.00 per annum ($12.42c per fortnight).

Associate Membership: Leading Teachers

Open to members of the Victorian Teaching Service who hold positions as Leading Teachers subject to application and Committee approval.
Fee: $323.00 per annum ($12.42 per fortnight).

Life Membership

Conferred by the Association after special recognition.

Regional Meetings

Non members are invited to attend meetings in their region. Please contact the VASSP office or the secretary of your region to confirm your attendance and for information on meeting dates and meeting locations.