2022 Events, Term 1





 Tuesday 22 February 

Applying for Principal Class Positions 

Vicki Forbes & Garry Schultz  


 Thursday 3 & Friday 4 March

 Introduction to Leadership Coaching

 Gray Ryan


 Thursday 10 March


  Leading a Thriving School Culture Masterclass          

 Dr Paige Williams


 Thursday 17 March
 Thursday 28 July

 Emerging Leaders (Part 1)
 Emerging Leaders (Part 2)

 Ian Wallis


 Tuesday 22 March

 Introduction to Understanding the SRP (Online)

 Sue Peddlesden


 Thursday 31 March & Friday 1 April  
 Thursday 9 & Friday 10 June

 Designing a Whole School
 Learning Architecture (Part 1)
 Designing a Whole School
 Learning Architecture (Part 2)

 Esther Weichert


 By appointment

 One-on-one interview coaching

 Marie Ghirardello

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Events available for online registration

Event NameStart DateCity
Applying for Principal Class Positions2/22/2022North MelbourneVPA220222
Introduction to Leadership Coaching3/3/2022North MelbourneVPA220303
Leading a Thriving School Culture Masterclass3/10/2022North MelbourneVPA220310
Emerging Leaders, Part 1 & 23/17/2022North MelbourneVASS220317
Introduction to Understanding the SRP (online)3/22/2022OnlineVPA220322
Designing a Whole School Learning Architecture3/31/2022North MelbourneVASS220331



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