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Mission Statement

Principalship presents a distinct leadership paradigm. While undeniably impactful and rewarding, this community-driven role demands navigation of complexities along with significant responsibilities; at times leading to feelings of isolation.

VASSP recognises the inherent value and challenges embedded in the profession and the individual leadership journey undertaken by each member.

Comprised of experienced state secondary school principals, VASSP understands the intricacies leaders face. We act as your trusted resource, influencing educational policy and practice while amplifying your voice on critical issues.

We are principals, for principals.

IMAGE: (From left) Executive Officer, Amy Rashid, with VASSP President, Colin Axup, at the 2023 VASSP State Conference.

President’s Welcome

“Our principals and assistant principals play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of state secondary schooling. It is my privilege to collaborate with you as fellow members and to advocate for the advancement of our schools.”

Colin Axup, 
VASSP President

The Three Pillars

There are three pillars that stand at the core of the Association’s work for and on behalf of members.

Advocacy and Influence

VASSP is valued at all levels of the Department of Education and the State Government. The Association is also acknowledged as the voice of the profession in public discourse.

Support and Care

Our Field Officers and Project Officers are retired principals and are available to help you with specific needs. This could be anything from staff-related issues to restructuring your school.

Learning and Growth

We deliver professional learning offerings that are relevant and impactful. This includes leadership conferences, statewide meetings, and a suite of professional workshops run by industry experts.

Our Team

We are a passionate group of professionals, dedicated to supporting state school leaders. We share a strong belief in quality state school education. Our team strongly values the relationships we have built with members and stakeholders over the decades. 

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